sistermarySister Mary Ann Bredice IHM

Lavinia is able to challenge her students in a most positive and gentle way. The great Christian mystic Hildegard of Bingen has a vision of the universe being nourished by divine creativity, "viriditas" or "greening power". I believe Lavinia has chosen this "greening power" in her life and she helps lead her students to "greening". I have had a wonderful opportunity to work with a number of artists throughout my years in education. I have observed that artists are quite knowledgeable about their craft but not always able to teach, to be the door that opens others to greening. Lavinia is an artist and a teacher.

workshopSister Patricia Nagle

I remember reading from a poem by William Butler Yeats (Vacillation, IV) of a moment where the poet experiences being fully alive.  Yeats describes a time in his life (his fiftieth year) when in a solitary moment and the most simple surroundings he experiences "his body of a sudden ablaze"; fully alive.  It is as if in this moment of aliveness the poet knows that he belongs.

I remember, in my 67th year (a most unlikely time) walking into Lavinia’s studio.  I was caved in with recent bi-lateral mastectomies and feeling the "limits" of my body. Yet within me was this very clear leaning towards standing tall and moving with aliveness.  Lavinia’s gifts as a teacher are unparalleled.  With her passion for the body, her exceptional understanding of anatomy and physiology, her embodied wisdom, one soon learns to appreciate the body for what it is; the expression of our soul, our truest self.  What seems to guide her is an ability to energetically listen to the spoken and unspoken, though embodied words of the individual.  Within the context of these conditions she moves with the individual.

For me I am learning that to be fully alive not only invites me to mindfulness in my daily living, it is also an invitation to be fully in my body.  For me, this aliveness in my whole person is at the heart of my spiritual journey.

My professional work is in the area of eco-spirituality; re-imaging our relationship with earth.  As I continue to work with Lavinia both in my personal and professional life, I have an even deeper sense of belonging, not only to my own embodied self, also to the body of the whole earth.


angelakimAngela Kim, professional skater, certified pilates instructor:

Lavinia has played a big role in my success as a figure skater. More than physical exercise, she has taught me about quality of life. She has been so helpful through the years and has made a such a difference in my recovery from ankle surgery. Lavinia is one of the most caring persons; her passion for her work truly sets her apart from the rest.

bobbBob Bourn, former athlete, survivor of knee and hip surgeries:

Lavinia helped me prepare for my third hip replacement. I felt better after our sessions and was able to walk with less stiffness.

rebeccasRebecca Slusher, runner and yoga practitioner:

I have worked with Lavinia over four years. More than just a pilates instructor, she is knowledgeable about ballet, yoga, strength training, therapeutic exercise, anatomy and physiology. She has helped me stay fit with a program I could use at home while I rehabbed from a broken foot. Her devotion to fitness has motivated me to reach levels of physical ability and mental focus I never dreamed I could attain. Her passion, knowledge, and humor are an inspiration.

jessicakJessica King, professional ballet dancer:

Lavinia's knowledge has made practically all the difference in helping Jessica to understand her own structure and improve her strength, flexibility, placement, and technique. I love watching Lavinia work. She is enthusiastic, caring, and positive, and makes Jessica feel happy and encouraged. I recommend Lavinia and Equipoise to others without hesitation. (Joyce King, Jessica's mother, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner/School Psychologist)

barbaracDr. Barbara Cabott, Licensed Psychologist:

Studying pilates with Lavinia has helped me in many ways. I feel physically stronger, emotionally better, and more vital. She has exquisite knowledge of the working muscles and teaches me to use my body in a way that maximizes my potential.