Pilates cultivates stillness and stability within movement. Equipoise is a fully-equipped Pilates studio. While Pilates may be done without equipment, each piece of equipment may be used to either facilitate or challenge a movement.

The Pilates Method created by legendary trainer Joe Pilates, is a full-body exercise technique that builds strength, flexibility, coordination, and awareness. Using this technique, participants will learn to feel and control the deepest, most fundamental postural muscles in the body.

Unlike other workouts which target muscles in isolation, Pilates uses movement patterns that work muscle groups in their full range of motion, in coordinated patterns. Quality and intensity are emphasized over quantity of repetitions and amount of resistance. Attention to alignment, positioning, and intent is essential. Stress on joints is minimized. No more mindless repetitions.

Equipose has been a Portland Pilates studio in business since 1998.