The Equipoise approach – integrated exercise

Work on flexibility, strength, coordination, breath, endurance, balance, and ease all at the same time. Change your relationship with gravity as you exercise the whole body. Understand that balance is not static, but a constant and ever adjusting dynamic responding to stress in the world. No matter what shape you are in, movement is possible. Pilates equipment is designed to facilitate or make possible movements you wouldn't normally do, as well as challenge the body in ways it usually isn't.

Work on your core with a real understanding of what this means: 360 strength and flexibility in your entire trunk, not just your belly or six-pack. Stability with mobility creates ease and balance in the body.

Enlightened exercise is integrated, transforming practice. Because each of you is a unique individual, not every technique will be consistently appropriate. To serve your unique and precious body, I combine various disciplines to integrate your body’s wisdom with the needs of your life. Be ready: when you change your body, you change your life.

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