Body and spirit

The separation of body and spirit is arbitrary and not aligned with truth. Even to speak of mind/body exercise seems ludicrous: how is it possible to work the body without some mental engagement? It’s time we moved away from these distinctions to embrace more fully the realization that body includes intelligence, emotions, and soul. Once we make that leap, we may discover that everything we need is already present in our body. By that I mean that transformation and healing are possible and indeed, are longed for by our very physicality, at the cellular level. The science of Applied Kinesiology has demonstrated that intelligence and discernment exist in our bodies not solely in our brain. The entire body perceives, discerns, and responds without mental/egoic mediation. Unfortunately most of us have been de-programmed from recognizing that pre-verbal intelligence. This is an intellgence that goes beyond instinct and is more aligned with the mysteries of intuition, clairvoyance,  and oracle.

There’s a wonderful book out there for those pursuing a path of mysticism and meditation through the body: “Touching Enlightenment: Finding Realization in the Body” by Reginald A. Ray. He writes lucidly and deeply about the Tibetan tradition of meditation with/in/through the body. A very strong morphic field generated by integral transformative practice is supporting humanity’s re-connection with the wisdom that resides in each individual body. Our bodies are microcosms of our planet/world. The Emerald Table of the alchemists said it: As above, so below.

The health and well-being of our planet depends upon each individual’s own relationship with their body. How can it be otherwise? What we eat, how we consume, what our relationship is with the plants and animals that support us IS our practice. It is an awesome responsibility. This awakening is what we are all moving towards. I was recently at a retreat center in St Louis guiding the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Qigong. On solstice evening we walked the labyrinth as a meditation. As you wind your way towards the heart of the maze, you see people walking alongside and in the opposite direction. But we are all, only, always headed towards the center, home.

4 Responses to "Body and spirit"

  1. Melissa St. Clair says:

    Lavinia, I love your writing and how you get to the heart of things. Melis

  2. Lavinia says:

    Thank you Melissa! You are such a wonderful choreographer. Your work with our dancers was superb! Blessings and love, L

  3. # says:

    I cant disagree.

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